Nicola  McEldowney
Actress * Director * Writer * Puppeteer

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Nicola is a professional puppeteer, actress, and director. She is a graduate of Columbia University (see far left) and the Universit√© Sorbonne-Nouvelle in Paris, France. She thrives on performing for both children and adults, as well as creating her own shows. She is the author of an original musical, Aisle Six, which made its debut at the Players Club of New York City in 2011. She currently performs in the Boston and New York regions. Follow her on Facebook under Nicola McEldowney - Puppeteer.

Here are a couple of recent articles about Nicola and her puppet work:

From The Village, by Rik O'Neal, February 2013

From ZigZag, by Arnaud Galy, March 2012 (in French)

If you would like to contact Nicola about performing, please e-mail her directly or use the contact form.